Otterbox Cellphone Cases

We’re trying out a new-ish thing here at Woot where instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we give you ALL THE OTTERBOXES AND MOAR OTTERBOXES!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.


The main page link doesn’t link to here.

Fixed: now it does

Added: I’ve used Otterbox Communter cases on my LG Optimus V, and my Samsung Galaxy S3. I found the rubber part of the case for the Optimus to be softer and more sturdy. The rubber of the case for my S3 is stiff and little bits break off when I pull the hard plastic off and put it back on. I’m not sure if this is just bad luck on the rubber or if it’s something different because of the color difference. The Optimus case was black rubber. The two S3 cases are midnight blue and grey. I have just ordered a commuter case for my just purchased iphone5 and I’m hoping to find some softer longer lasting rubber on it. The Armor cases are tempting for use while vacationing, but a turn off to me because I like to be able to put my phone in my front pants pocket and I just don’t see being able to do that with an Armor case.

Otterbox Home

Time to check out the product page for the Armor Series.


BTW, I so want this case!! Going to have to think about this one.

This afternoon at my sister’s house is the first time I had EVER heard of an otterbox. I thought she and my nieces were telling me I needed to get an “autobox” for my phone. After about 5 minutes of them talking about it and saying it over and over again, I finally made them spell it.

I must have Transformers on my mind…

(Still, a very odd coincidence!)

Just a note to Wooters with the HTC One. The cases offered are for the One VX, which has different dimensions than the HTC One M7 or M8.


I read the reviews on Amazon for the iPhone 5 case… Decided to pass.

No Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. Disappointing.


No s4. ):

I have the Razr Maxx - not the HD version so disappointed that it won’t work for me. Darn!

They’re good deals because some of the phones are a couple of generations old. Woot fail.

That being said, I do have the Otterbox Commuter for my S4 and 5C, and they’re excellent cases.

I once returned an Otterbox for being everything that you don’t look for in a cellphone case - bulky, prohibitive, reduces responsiveness. In other words, all the bad things, in one convenient protective package…

These are the clunkiest, ugliest cases ever. and the protective shield for your display scratches so easily its unbelievable. My last one, within a month, had to be removed because the scratches were ridiculous; yet the phone’s display prior to that, having used it for months, showed no scratching whatsoever. I’d never fall for this product again

the real torture test will come after you buy it! :wink:

I’ve been using the Defender on my S4 for a year now. Best case around. Too bad the S4/S5 isn’t included here.

This is a woot-appointment (short for Woot Disappointment).

Woot is great for the one-off chances to find something useless (or sometimes useful) to buy.

What I don’t want is for the day’s Woot to be “just another retail site”. And that’s what today’s is. Is this part of the Amazonization of Woot? If so, I don’t like it.

Worse yet - of all the Otterboxes, there isn’t one for a Nexus 5. Shame. Shame.

I had a defender case for my 3g iPhone and then for my 4s. Both great, no problems and no, the windows do NOT scratch. The 4s case wore out after three years ad wife bought me an ARMOR. DO NOT GET ONE OT THESE PIECES OF CRAP.Bulky, cannot use some of the buttons, Absoltely not waterproof, flaps over 30 pin connector keep coming open, and impossible for other to hear you because of ill fit. Stay with the Defender.

I’d like to take advantage of the sale but noticed that windows 8 phone brand is HTC. Any chance the Nokia 822 windows 8 otter might be available? I don’t think the HTC one will work for the Nokia brand. Thanks!

I have not personally owned a armor case. I can personally recommend the defender case. Whenever they come up here, I purchase 2. I’m in construction and need a durable case for my iPhone 5. I change the case every 5-6 months. The abuse my phone takes is amazing, always dropping it and never had a problem. People that want to add a protective case and not add bulk to the phone are not in reality. Something needs to absorb the shock from the impact. Additionally, it’s made of plastic. Of course it’s going to scratch!! Unless you make the front of the case of gorilla glass, it’s going to scratch!!