Otterbox Cellphone Cases

These cases are really rugged. They def protect your cell. I bought one a few months ago and it’s great at the lake.

I love Otterbox. Alas, nothing here for the 5s.

Ive heard great things about otterboxes… But heard that the screen protector is pretty cheap on this one. Anyone have experience with the s3 one?

Squarryls for life

I’m assuming these work with the 5s as well, since they are dimensionally the same as the 5?

You obviously lose the thumb scan ability… but all the buttons and switches are the same.

Just an FYI, I got the otterbox armor for my S3 last time it was on woot, and to be frank, I hate the thing. I also have owned the defender case for 2 years.

-Can’t hear people clearly
-People can’t hear me clearly
-Every button has to be pressed with large force
-Proximity sensor doesn’t work in the case
-Huge! (to be expected)

-I can swim with my phone
-I can throw my phone at the wall in frustration and have to repair drywall

I used to swear by otterbox, but I have had to warranty my defender case 4 times and the armor 1 time. Oh, and FYI, they stopped making the armor because they are a flawed case, so if you have to RMA the armor, you won’t get the color you want.

I love otter box, just got it for my Kindle HD. Nothing here for my phone, Samsung S2…still works great!

i wish they had a case for the galaxy s4 :frowning:

Is the otterbox, blue iphone 4/4s for the 4 or the 5? Listed as 4 but specs state 5. Looking to get one for my daughter.

It’s for the 4/4S. We’ll get the specs fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Shoot, would LOVE the armor waterproof case for the iPhone 4. I have the defender already, but it is falling apart.

You should’ve read my post about this case on Woot before you bought. I said all the same things…and more. It’s a real bomb. Waiting for the iphone 6 and another Defender.

I’m a big fan of the reflex. I had it for my 4s. Protected my phone from a lot of drops, mostly in parking lots, but still was a pretty sleek case with a fairly low profile. Liked it so much i eventually ended up with a new one after i dropped it too many times… but it lasted a couple years i think. The air pockets in the corners are designed to take the impact. They’re like car crumple zones, they crumple and uncrumple, so the phone does seem to bounce more when you drop it, but it’s protected since the case takes the impact.

Do the cases listed as “5” work for both the 5s and 5c? Would prefer if a V’owl can answer but will accept info from inferior clans.

The 5 and 5S are the same size, but the 5S has a fingerprint sensor that may not be useable in some 5 cases. The 5C is bigger and will not fit in a 5 nor 5S case.

Exactly! My husband has went through 3 just this year. Over that case! They’re crap.

I’ve had the same Otterbox Defender on my 4s for 2.5 years, and while the screen protector came off after a decent amount of dirt and grime got under the glue and there’s an annoying tear by the charging flap, my phone is pristine. No cracked screens, despite being knocked off the shelf many times by my cat and being dropped many times by its spaz owner. Once the case comes off, the phone looks new. It’s bulky, and not the easiest to slide in and out of your pocket, but that probably makes it less of a target for phone-snatchers. I have the same case for my iPad and it works well, too. If you’re as much as a spaz as I am, I recommend the Defender.

This “waterproof” case leaks. Don’t buy it.