OtterBox Commuter Case for iPhone SE (2020) - Black

OtterBox Commuter Case for iPhone SE (2020) - Black

So just to be clear - this is one of the two pieces of the normal Commuter case, with no cover for the screen and the case for the back?

I don’t know much about OtterBox but it says it’s two pieces.

Here it is on Amazon:


Thanks! I saw the line “DOES NOT come with a screen protector” and was not sure if that meant it was just the one piece or if that was a disclaimer that the top was not a protector.

OtterBox Commuter cases have always from what I remember had two pieces and no screen protector built-in. OtterBox Defender cases used to have screen protectors built-in to the case but the newer Defenders do not so they put that line on every OtterBox case they sell now.

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