OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Cases

Anyone know why these won’t work with an iPhone 5s? Went to Otterbox’s website and it specifically states that it won’t work with an iPhone 5s, but they look identical (cases and phones).

Something I’m missing here?

i think they have to state that because not every function of the 5S works (thumbprint sensor) because the button is fully covered. If you dont use this feature, or you simply leave it on just sliding to input your passcode the previously normal way, this will work. I also believe they revised the newer case to make it easier to pull up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center. Shape of the 5 and 5S is identical so if you’re ok with missing out on the touch sensor this is a pretty great price.

Do these work with Ipod Touch 5th Gen?

Are these for sure the real deal? There are a lot of fakes going around lately.

They’re authentic. We don’t sell fakes.

Anyone know why the pink one was double the retail price originally than the rest? My wife has the pink one already and back when she got it she had to pay full price for it, and it has held up well over a year now. Though being a light color, it does get dirty… So at this price, I got her 2 just to ‘refresh’ the look of her phone lol.

The retail price of a Defender is normally about $50 so I think the retail price of the pink is about right and all the other retail prices are low.

One of the cases is black with green, yet the description is: OtterBox 77-24276 Defender Series Rugged Protection iPhone 5 Case - Punk Blue.

Is the accent color blue or green?

Thank you!

The case is a dark blue (look at the last pic to compare it to the black clip. You can see it’s blue there. The accent is the lime green.

Now this really make me feel bad .
I just bought one of these at 1sale thru Woot for 12.99 a few days ago .

Do these work with the iPhone 5c?

per the specifications page:

  • Not compatible with Apple iPhone 5S
  • Not compatible with Apple iPhone 5C

I hope this information is helpful.

What iPhone 5 do they work with then?

The iPhone 5, lol.

For the bolt grey case, the first shot of the case shows that the color of the case around the isight camera is red/orange. But for the third pic, it shows that the color around the same area is black.

Which color is it?

Also strangely this is true for pink 5s commuter cases on Amazon. They sent me the wrong color then told me not to bother returning it. I looked it up and it was mysteriously much more $ than the color I ordered (and most of the other colors) though otherwise identical. Must be a popularity thing? It’s certainly no diff than the others.

Woot you have the most random impossible and ridiculous restrictions on shipping to FPO.

I just ordered these the last time they were on, and they allowed FPO military shipping. This time, no.

I don’t get it? It doesn’t have lithium batteries (which are actually unrestricted to ship now) nor is it oversized? Why won’t you support the military with a little less discrimination. Oversize or bulky items, I understand…but a little package like this?

Y’all are ridiculous.

I’m sorry. :frowning:

It depends on who is shipping it. If it ships out of an Amazon warehouse (our inventory, we can’t sell their stuff), then Amazon can ship via USPS to get it to military locations.

Many of our drop ship vendors use FedEx. FedEx doesn’t deliver to post office boxes and that includes FBO/APO.

So yeah, I can see where it appears random.

I have never seen product names cause so much more confusion than with iPhones.

Think of it as iPhone 74 and iPhone XC. They are completely different model numbers. Just ignore the fact that both of them have a 5 in their model name.

No one asks if the car cover for a VW Bug also works for a VW Jetta.