OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Cases

I have the pink & white one for my iphone 5. I bought it from Amazon and paid about $25. It’s awesome. I’ve had it for almost a year now and it works amazingly to secure my phone.
I share my iphone5 with my 3 year old with autism. He throws the phone frequently but it stands up to that. It’s stood up to drinks being spilled on it and all kinds of intentional abuse from my son. He has even used the phone as a weapon and it still works perfectly with this case. And there’s been no damage to the case either. This is a great deal for these. I should probably buy one since now that I swore how the case never broke, it probably will in the next 24 hours.

Is anyone else having difficulty with adding the items here to their cart? I’ve tried in Chrome and iExplorer, as well as resetting browser settings to default and it still isn’t letting me add any of the cases to my cart. They don’t appear to be sold out on my end.

Chrome and Firefox appear to be working fine, we’ve experienced issues with Members using IE8 earlier today.
We suggest that you use an alternative web browser and try again.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the explanation. This is the first information I have recieved regarding military shipping availability, that makes sense.

You might want to consider putting this information into the FAQ (Unless it is already in there since the last time I checked) and linking it whenever PO Box/FPO/APO shipping is not allowed.

It can just be so frustrating when it seems like none of the better deals that I actually want will ship to me!

FYI if you don’t want the screen cover, you can easily just take a razor blade and slice it out. My buddy did this to his defender case with no ill effects.

You can then just add a regular style screen protector on if you need it, which won’t cover the thumb sensor on a 5s.

What gives with the website pages? I can’t get any “link” to work on the Otterbox pages except the one to this conversation. Would like to order, but…

Longhorn Six

Just tried it with IE and the same thing happens. None of the links are working on this page.

We are aware that some of you are experiencing ordering problems and we apologize for this. We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

It sounds like people are able to order on mobile devices so you might try that if you can.

Can’t order on my iPad, either!

Finally worked on my iPhone 5s.

Can anyone say, “ridiculous”?

I was going to buy one, but the tax you are charging for ONE case is 1.14. Why are you charging me tax on the SHIPPING???

corvettejoe the thumbsensor on the iPhone 5S will still be covered with TPU Rubber Overshell. Cutting the screen protector off will not make a difference.

I think he was just saying if you wanted to use this case but have the actual screen exposed. In which case, I would just say use the Commuter, but to each their own

Are these the older ones with the silicon outer shell that gets dirty easily and stretches or the newer ones with the much more rigid outer shell?

Just got mine yesterday and I would say it is the newer one with the less pliable shell.

The one I have that is shown here is the newer one with the rigid outer shell. I know what you are talking about how the older ones would stretch out but these don’t do that.

Asking a previously asked question since I saw no response…
Do these work with Ipod Touch 5th Gen?

No. That’s a completely different–and different-sized–device.

Had a defender for my droid x for 2 years.

They hold up well for the most part.
The screen protector is however annoying. It takes away screen sensitivity and, on the droid at least, created a glass on glass rainbow bloom problem (kind of like oil on water).

The parts that eventually end up breaking are the silicone flaps and the inner molding begins to snap where the two clam shells meet.
The silicone overcoat holds everything together regardless.

The screen protector began coming away at the side, and after removing it, the case, in my opinion functioned a little better.
Lets in a little more dust and bits this way, but nothing you can’t live with.