Otterbox Elevation 64 Growler - Stainless Steel

Otterbox Elevation 64 Growler - Stainless Steel

Will this hold carbonated beverages?
Asking for a friend…

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Short Answer: Yes but there are better options, especially at this price.

Long Answer: I spoke with a “friend” who has two of these wide-mouth stainless steel growlers (not this brand) and he says that Yes, they will hold carbonated beverages if the seal is in good shape. This can be tricky as the seals on wide-mouth growlers are much larger than on something with a very small spout. However, if the carbonated beverage is of the “tasty adult” variety then you might want to consider a glass growler instead as they are less likely to retain the flavor and transfer it to another beverage as glass is easier to thoroughly clean. The wide mouth variety of these are great for things that you might have to use a ladle to fill it with (like soup) or for full-sized ice cubes that you can’t fit through a narrow neck, which don’t really apply to certain tasty adult carbonated beverages. Here is an example from the mothership: