Otterbox Elevation 64oz

Otterbox Elevation 64oz

Question…would these work for draft beer? I was not sure if it could hold carbonated beverages.

Yes. I use a 64oz Hydroflask growler for my beer runs.

anyone know if the deal is for the widemouth version?

The Growler is all we have remaining. It’s has the wider mouth.


I would like to see the cap , is it plastic ? Or stainless with silicone gasket?

whats the difference between a tumbler and a growler?

Tumbler is 36 oz and Growler is 64 oz.

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What are the dishwashing instructions?

@Wooter584625627 & @JTrahanUSA

Sorry, this is all the information we have. Here is the Otterbox page:

Website broken on Chrome for Android. When I select “growler” it doesn’t stick, so I can’t order.

Hi there. I just tried on my iphone and it works. The only thing that is still available is the Growler in Stainless Steel.

Could you try clearing out your cache/temps or try the app?

Has anyone figured out a lid for these monstrosities? Otterbox website is worse than useless (they waste your time typing into a chat box only to say they’ve discontinued phone :confused: [yes, they say phone for web chat] support due to Covid-19) and unclear. Unlikely to get 7 days of cold storage out of this with such a massive opening.

FYI - There’s a sticker on the bottom that says hand wash only. I would assume the cap is dishwasher safe (top shelf) like most vacuum insulated growlers, but the body is not.

It’s plastic with a silicone gasket

7 days?!?!? I’m lucky if a growler of beer lasts 7 hours!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Just used my Growler tonight for the first time. It works great and the brewery liked the large opening for filling. I live a bit away from my local breweries so my main ‘want’ was keeping the beer colder when getting home. I love that I don’t have to fret over it getting broken like the glass ones. My only complaint would be it needs a handle or something for pouring but I’m figuring it out.