Otterbox Elevation Growlers

Otterbox Elevation Growlers

What, like was there only 1 of each type? The 64 oz. are gone yet the stats state very few purchases. Why bother even advertising those?? Annoying…

The 64oz is available in stainless steal.

So are the growlers double wall insulated or not? From the description it sounds like they’re not.

All Otterbox Elevation products are double-walled vacuum flasks, as far as I know. And this is a good price. I’m tempted, but I usually go for the smaller sizes.

This would be good information to include in the description, fur shur.

ordered 3 of the 64 to go with the one from last sale so far.
pondering ordering more
The problem I’m having here is $29 for something full msrp $35 or $29 for full retail $45 or $30 for full retail $70
I mean one decent dollar or percent off sale somewhere and you’re paying way more here for the small ones.

This is the ugliest iPhone case I have ever seen.


In these trying times, you really should offer the 64oz model with the sippy-cup lid. Just sayin’.

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