OtterBox For Kindle Fire

No Fire HD 7" (2nd Gen)… sadness.

I have a 1st Generation Kindle Fire, and I think some of these pictures are mixed up.

From what I can tell, the 77-18690 case should fit both the 1st and 2nd generation Kindle Fire devices, but the picture shows a case that clearly would not since all of the ports and buttons are in the wrong place.

The pictures for the 77-26119, however, show a case that looks like it would fit my non-HD Kindle Fire, but the description indicates that it is for an HD Kindle fire.

I think that the pictures for the two items are just crossed up, but I would like confirmation before I consider purchasing one. I would also like confirmation that the 77-18690 case will fit a First Generation Kindle Fire.

Interestingly enough, when I add the 77-18690 to my cart it appears to show the correct picture…

Thanks for the note. I’ve sent your information in so someone can look at the photos.

Had the same question. Sounds like I’d be fine getting the one that says model 77-18690, but I’ll hold off until I see a response just in case.


The photos have been fixed.

Fantastic, thank you TT!

Any confirmation on whether the 1st Gen Kindle Fire will fit?

Would any of them fit the Kindle Fire HDX?

I am waiting for a response to this, as well. If yes, I’m buying two.

Sorry, you have a 3rd gen, it looks like reports say that it will be too thin to fit yours.

Editing my dumb response: was just told that the non-HD cases will indeed fit both gen 1 & 2!

tempting to get the otterbox for my 1st gen kindle fire to replace the bookcover style unit w/rubber band hold-donwn…but that thing is so obsolete that even a case at this price is probably worth more than the tablet.

Sorry, I’m confused here… Which one is right to order for 1st gen Kindle Fire? (non-HD)


would any of these work for a nook HD plus?

should be the one that does not have the term HD in its description (77-18690). Since 1st gen and 2nd gen are basically the same externally, 2nd gen case should fit 1st gen one.

I am not sure which model/gen I have. If I buy a case and it doesn’t fit are there return options? Thanks!

Our return policy is linked in y signature. We do not do returns for sizing. We tend to do close outs so we really don’t want the stuff back.

The pictures are switched for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" black and the Fire HD 7" black 1st gen OtterBox cases. The black case for the 7" Fire HD should match the pink, green and blue ones (including the 2 small round holes on the top edge for the camera instead of the 1 large square hole which is the 8.9" HD case). I know because I have both here on my Kindle Fire HD 7" and 8.9" tablets.

You guys confuse the heck out of me. According to Amazon Kindle’s developer’s site device’s and features page …

there is no Kindle Fire HD 7" - 1st gen, but there is a Kindle Fire HD 7" - 2nd gen. The only 1st gen I see on that page is a 7" non HD.

Will this fit the 2nd gen Kindle fire HD 7"?