OtterBox For Kindle Fire

Thanks, I pinged the guys in charge to let 'em know.

UPDATE: The pictures have been corrected. Thanks, again!

The cover you’re asking about will fit this Kindle, not this Kindle.

They didn’t ask if the 1st generation 7" Kindle Fire HD case would fit a 7" Fire HDX…they want to know if the 1st generation 7" case will fit a 2nd generation Fire HD. It won’t. The size is slightly different between 1st and 2nd gen 7" Fire HD tablets.

The Kindle Fire HD 7" 1st generation tablet is sold out. All you’ll find at Amazon now is the 2nd generation (without camera). The 1st gen Fire HD has a front camera which the 2 little holes on the front top edge of the case are for.

Just wanted to make sure that this will fit the newest kindle fire hd tablet even though the picture doesn’t look like the it matches for the power, volume, speakers, and camera.