Otterbox Kindle Cases

I am always disappointed when I click the link to view the Otterbox Kindle Cases, because (so far that I’ve seen) they’ve always been for Kindle Fire, and not for the eink devices (Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, etc).

Perhaps tossing in “fire” into the title, “Otterbox Kindle Cases”, would be nice? Or perhaps I’m just whiny.

We tried a couple of these for the 8.9 HD and one for the 7 HDX and found they trap dust under the cover on the screen so bad and were so hard to clean. Just honest review.

I’ve always loved my defender. Keeps my Kindle nice and safe; I’ve dropped it from a standing position - multiple times - and its always good. I did have the screen issue where after some time, where it can get some light dust underneath it. I just popped out the plastic screen after awhile on the case and went without a screen since I like the feel of the glass better.

why is there a variety of colors only in 1 size? got a pretty blue case but it’s too small.

Are any of these made to fit a Kindle Fire HD 7" 2nd generation?

It doesn’t look like it, no.