Otters, Sloths, Pugs, Chinchillas & Tanks

Might want to fix the specs on the AA tank tops …

Updated now. Thank you shirt police.

Knit picker. :tongue: Don’t make me turn this into a stupid pun thread …

It also appears that @oakenspirit’s wonderful tank top design is missing from this side sale. Why is that?

I tried, but sadly I don’t call ALL the shots around here…yet… >:D

Sooo … bribes should be sent c/o? :slight_smile:

Back on topic, the side sale on the main site needs correcting too. Surprised no one else has cotton to the error …

Dangit I am on vacation, which is readily apparent in these sales. I mean it’s more just a 3 day weekend where I am sitting in my apt but whatevs. They are all fixed now. I am SEW done with this THREAD. Haha no I’m not really but I did it for pun.


Thanks for printing two of my designs, Woot team. You da greatest.

Congrats to Lucky for taking 1st place with the tanks. It’s selling best too. :^)

Woot has identified my weakness: Pugs!. I ordered several of each Pug design right after they were posted. These are great designs. I’ll wear them with pride around my herd - they are referred to as my monkeys around here. Unfortunately I won’t have them in time for the Seattle Pug Gala at the Monroe Fairgrounds this Saturday 5/30 (

I’d get the “Shark Tank” one in a tee if it were available…

I’m actually really disappointed in the lack of chinchillas…feels like false advertising

When will we see some unisex blend tanks?


And tater, right? Are my 82 votes not just as good as Lucky’s? :wink:

Your vote count actually showed up first. OTOH, your design doesn’t have cats … and this is


I can’t draw a decent cat to save my life.