Ottimino Exclusively Zinfandel

WOW…Ottimino Little 8 Rancho 2005 is SO GOOD(not offered in this offering). I am having trouble deciding on how many of each selection to order.

2005 Rancho is by far my favorite wine ever. savory and great mouth feel.

Well… Texas is on Shipping list I guess. 28 bottles later. I am happy woot had a Ottimino special. I cant find a local supplier for them in Houston.

Will be a great week when the Ottimino comes in.

Thanks woot and Ottimino.

You are welcome. We are psyched to have Ottimino on woot plus.

This really is some cool stuff.

I knew I shouldn’t read this thread. Now I want to buy the stuff! I’ve got no room, and generally dislike the standard template Zin (dark fruit, raisiny, high alc, etc) but the lower alcohol, higher acid, more complex zins do tempt me. Add to that the own-rooted vineyard and I’m even more intrigued.

…I hear you. I’m generally not a Zin guy, save for Ridge and a few others. These are not the standard template. Especially Von Weidlich.