Otto Active Noise Reduction Headphones

1 Otto Active Noise Reduction Headphones

$9.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


You can find these on Amazon for about $50. This woot is a rediculous deal, in that respect.

For the noise-reduction technology. It needs a power source to run…

And $15 for over the ear headphones that have a 40mm driver? Hell, I’m in for one.

The battery is to power the active noise reduction.

Ah. Works fine without the battery I’m assuming then.

Also, anyone knows how long the length of the cord is?

do the weekly reader cassettes come with these for listening in our wee cubicles?

any idea how long the cord is?

How are these for working out? Will my ears bleed if I wear these while running on a treadmill?

96 db means that it it is not loud at all. minimum that i would accept is 105, with a target of 112.

lol i love the description on how it has lousy noise reduction

Yikes… if I didnt buy my Bose QC3’s I could have bought 30 of these for the same price and then stuck one in every piece of luggage I own. Hmmmm…

this seems to be general supermarket grade headphones, not sure if i ever heard of Otto as a brand. let me sleep on it, maybe someone will find a review

I’m in for 2. At this price they are worth a try on my next flight. At the very least, I won’t have that plastic hanger on airline earphones. digging into the back of my ear!

Even a discount retailer wants significantly more than Woot!

With noise cancelling I’d say 96 db would be more than fine.

Would the -13db noise reduction equate to a 109db set of headphones, say, on a jet or something ???

heh not bad as a standby pair but I have so many…

that cartoony guy does not seem appropriate. maybe woot liked him though to link to that page

they look big and comfy