Otto Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Headset

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New Otto Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Headset, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Otto OT-2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Headset

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No reviews on AMAzon, but at least I found it. And it’s WAY more expensive over there…

This says, “I’m more than a run-of-the-mill arsehat.”

In for three.

These look a lot like the Kyoceras that woot has sold in the past…

can you use one to talk to the other?

i have something similar, just a different brand name, the Kyocera… it has worked well for me, and the speaker comes in handy at times… it’s worth it, and the options for the headset to hook to your ear are pretty good, there should be one extra attachment for something that goes behind your ear, but i dont see that in the picture, so who knows

i dont think that’s possible, i got 2 at the time, one for my dad… all it does is pair with your phone

the price is right, but i’m not familiar with bluetooth. what would i use this for?

I don’t think this was clearly stated:

Is the speakerphone also the recharging “base” for the headset?

hmm. cant find a single review for this item


Not a great review, but this is an amazing price for decent functionality, I’m in.

this is cnet review of Kyoceras same as otto think
otto does have a website
but ther are only faq about the product
copy past if links do not work
night all

Bluetooth Version: 1.2 do not support auto searching multi connecting.

Seems like a pretty good idea although the headset looks pretty bulky but it does come with two different earpiece sizes so that should help with the fit.

There’s the companies page for it. $99.95 listed price, don’t know about shipping.
It looks like the headset is inserted into the speaker. It might mean that the speaker is just a dock/microphone/speaker that’s useless without the headset.

That price though… $25 shipped may be hard to beat.


The above link at cnet didnt work for me. but this one did. hope it helps, its got a video review too.;lst

so… if i were to have music capabilities on my phone would that still work through this? or only while your actually on the phone?

In for 3.