Otto Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Headset

The Kyocera version is $67.05 shipped from

reviews mostly good. Seems like a good deal.

I’m looking for something that’s like this, but instead of bluetooth, it uses a standard headset port. My phone’s older. Anyone know where I can find one?

ya same :< scoured everywheere

…what is a woot fan with no woots?

Would someone from Woot please confirm whether or not there is an ear loop attachment included for the headset? Thanks in advance.

Remember, sometimes you really do get what you pay for. :slight_smile:

I got this here when it was the Kyocera one a while back. Worked great with my phone and PS3. Then it sat for about a week and it would never take a charge again. Not exactly worth the amount for a month and a half of use I received from it. PLUS, there is absolutely no way to fix or replace this with Kyocera. Not sure if Otto would be any better. Might of had a bum unit. But never heard of Otto. And these are likely the last of their kind anywhere on the planet. Buy 3 as spares for parts.

Wait a second. Noob incoming: I’m confused about what this does. I’ve been looking for a bluetooth speaker phone that will clip to my cars sun visor and allow me to speak and listen without using a headset. Does this do that? Or do I have to use the earpiece?

Basically I’m asking if that speaker phone part has a microphone…

It does what you want. The earpiece is for if you want to keep half the conversation private, or to take with you when you leave the car.

It’s a wireless speaker for your phone and a wireless headset for your phone. If you don’t know what Bluetooth is, you probably don’t need it.

This is designed to clip to some place in your car and let you talk handsfree… compliant with CA law. The speaker unit and the ear piece are charged simultaneously when they are together. The speaker unit is not a charger for the little earpiece.

The OTTO FAQ is at

The only items regarding the car kit are:

They do have replacement parts for this on their site, but it looks like they’re not selling this any longer.

Otto is a military manufacturer that specializes in headsets for two-way radio communications.

Worth a shot at this price. Worst case scenario: gifts for cousins at Xmas. :wink:

In for 3.

watch the video on Cnet for the kyocera model. but essentially for the speaker to work the ear piece has to be attached to it. that’s my understanding from the video and review.

I’m in for three. This will be my family’s male pollyanna gift at Christmas. One of the techie nerds will like it. I need a convenient one I will use all the time cause I have really bad driving ADD.

I bought one earlier this morning and now want to buy another but it keeps telling me i’ve already purchased one, can somepne tell me how I can get another one?

After reviewing the item in question, Member Services found that there is NO EARHOOK attachment with the Otto Bluetooth Wireless Speaker/Headset. The headset piece has 2 EARPLUGS that fit the headset comfortably in the ear canal.


They may be nice to you and change your order, but are not obligated to.

Next time, when you make your purchase, click the I want 2 or I want 3 button to change the quantity if desired.

Also, read the FAQ page (What is Woot? tab). Like any website, this will answer most questions. Then, if your question isnt answered, feel free to consult the forum.

After you read the what is woot? tab, you should have the answer to why you can only order once per item.

So, what is “woot”?

(just kidding)

<<jdemetris wrote:
I bought one earlier this morning and now want to buy another but it keeps telling me i’ve already purchased one, can somepne tell me how I can get another one?>>

You can always create a new account