Otto Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Headset

my lawyer says i can’t buy this.

My gosh, that is ugly


First rule of woot-offs… never attempt to quit smoking during one. It’ll only end in failure.

well im off to write my six page paper. although ill continue wooting when the alarms go off

Anyone know if these type of earpieces would work with a Nokia n800/810?

No me gusta.

Waiting patiently for the BOC:)

Can I use this for yahoo voice chat

Well -love you all!!!

THis has been edited. I really didn’t think the original would get posted, I thought it would get morphed into something benign. Sorry!

There goes w00t, dispensing with the the oft-told story that they don’t hire women, cleverly disguised as a product description. What will they think of next?

Does Woot do anything to combat the large number of people who post “first!”?

I’d rather have a big ol’ bag o’ crap.

What cell phones don’t have speakers !?!?!?!???
Lets sell something usefull!

does anyone know if these are good

I want Some

Anyone having trouble with orders being denied using Pay Pal? It’s happened twice already.

People in Nebraska sure are woot masters today…
must be all the corn.