Otto OT-8 Gamer Headset with Boom Mic

Woot off = F5 poundage = burned out comp…

And I did it for this carp?..At least it’s new and not refurb.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about this woots power level?

nice Boom!


nice bust…heheheh

awww, boring mannequin

Why this?

Ok, the email I got from woot said that the B - O - C would be the fifth item after the wine.woot detour. So it should be next!!!

What a rip-off. What happened to the old face???

where is the BOC??? WHERE???

Will this work with PS2?

nice but no , Next

We want O-face girl back!

that’s my boyfriend :slight_smile:

lame school… i need some crap that happens to come in a square shaped bag!

nice but no wires

I almost pulled the trigger. Thought it was the singing Elvis head. He’s the king you know?

Will this work with Zune??