Poor guy can’t even rub his toe with those puny widdle arms.


And that hot coffee looks like it’s going to spill on him, to add insult to injury. Looks like the start of a bad day!


Yep… #1

I had a big head and tiny arms, but i still beat all you guys :wink:

At least it wasnt his shin


Ha! Happens to the best (and biggest) of us. I always enjoy a silver shirt. It’s a top of the shirt.woot laundry pile color.


Stubbing a toe would be even worse when you only have 3 of them. I mean that’s about 33% of your foot stubbed versus 20% stubbed if you have 5 toes. Poor T-rex.


$12, 1 color…pass.


I really like the design (might be my affinity for dinosaurs), but I’m also fond of more color.

I wonder if the grey is light enough to where I could get the T and dye it… Hmm.


This reminds me a lot of T-Rex Trying. I’m not criticizing the artist or suggesting anything underhanded, just linking something which people interested in this shirt might enjoy. Cheers


And now a fun fact with Blue Jester:

I would have to say that this shirt pretty closely mirrors my own feelings in real life. I’ve had major surgery, twisted/sprained arms and ankles, and I have even managed to sprain a single finger. Hardly a peep.

But if I stub my toe I scream and rant as if the entire world has conspired to cause me such pain.

This has been another fun fact with Blue Jester


This reminds of someone’s recent suggestion that if you are having a really bad day, just try to picture a T. Rex trying to . . .Mastur . . self-pleasure!!!


He’s going to be dino-sore.


It’s a “Stuba-Saurus Rex”.


He made a fair move. Screaming about it can’t help you.


Comets be damned, THIS was the beginning of extinction!


I see a T-Rex that is going to need an “Angry Day” woot shirt…


Too funny! I laughed until I stopped. Then I hit the big gold button.


The shirt title should be ‘Lame!’ instead of ‘Ouch!’.


“Wear this shirt: if you’re the kind of person for whom wearing sandals is highly dangerous.”

I hardly ever wear sandals (or go barefoot) for this exact reason! I just got a pair of sandals with closed ends, so I finally feel safe wearing them!


looks at picture


reads description