Our Cell

“Our Uncle Barnabry says the solar system is an alien breakfast buffet”

It does look a bit like a fried egg. While remaining an awesome mix of inner and outer space.


That was the first thing I though of, too.

The study of this shirt would make Biology class interesting.

So simple and yet so complex. Love it.

really like the concept but not sure what the pockmarks on earth are supposed to represent…Golgi apparatus? Rough ER?

Woot, I’m disappointed.

I was excited when I saw the name of the shirt, “Our Cell”, and immediately ran to the write-up to find it was not a parody of “Our House”.

For shame, Woot. For shame.

Oh man, this almost makes me wish I had continued to study biology after getting out of school XD Love the concept, and will be throwing it on my wish list. Going to have to brush up on cells though so I can answer any questions about it xp

AAAAHHHHH! Space Worms! They’re going to eat the satellite! They’re Then going to hide in an asteroid and wait for the space ship to land in its mouth! AAAAAHHHHH!!!

It’s like this shirt was made for me! In college I majored in biology with a specialization in molecular genetics. Astronomy is a hobby of mine and I have a half sleeve of the solar system. BOUGHT

I’d power your house wink wink nudge nudge

How can I get this design on another product? Like a mouse pad?