Our Grass is Always Greener

Wry, dry + panoramic…nicely done.

The Other Side isn’t as great as you think. They have space-time anomalies that really suck.

Wish I could get this one. Love it!

:slight_smile: Very excited for my very first printing here on shirt.woot! Thanks to everyone who showed their support! Shirt.woot is the reason I got into shirt design, so it feels really nice to get a win.

Somewhere in this shirt, is an ad for a landscaping company.

'The shirtless men are always beefcakier "

Well, who can argue with that? Brilliant!

Wtg Jess! :slight_smile:


Nice. Very nice.

I also hear she gets high there.

Very clever, crisp design. Of all the Shirt.woot purchases I’ve made, the cream is my least favorite shirt color, but I like this so much I might break my vow not to get any more.

“That milkmaid’s lot is better than mine, and her life merrier.”

Whoop whoop! Nicely done!

Really glad to see this print! First purchase in quite a while.

So why isn’t this shirt greener???
(Bought one anyway.)

Feels like classic-age Woot. Stylin’.

1st print congratulations jessisima!

Congrats Jessie! It’s about time.

Congrats jessisima! First one is the hardest… it’s smooth sailing from here on out. :slight_smile:

Always ponder buying but today is my first- great job- in for 2!

Congrats on your first print, jessisma! Enjoy your day. :slight_smile: