Out of Office Reply


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!

Oh, and there’s a Woot-Off going on today, June 19th, 2008. You may want to check it out. :wink:

funny but just not for me, Matt… grats on the print though!

I slave away in an office…this does nothing for me…despite the fact that I can wear anything I want to work…no go.

I knew this was you the second I saw it. I think that means I’m developing shirtsickness.

kinda funny copy, dude’s kinda creepy though.

It’s unique for sure. I like the use of red. But I find it a bit unsettling.

325…I’m just sayin’

Congratulations on the print!

To all the detractors who say artists don’t try hard when they’re submitting to woot: Look at the rest of Matt’s artwork. He doesn’t (and he has admitted this in public) try very hard at any of his designs.

looks like straight out of a Zombie’s Anonymous meeting… yikes

Don’t like it. Sorry. I think if you threw my unborn, not-even-thought-of-being-conceived child a box of red colored pencils he could make this. Minus the text, of course. That takes it to another level. I guess that’s part of the design but dude. I don’t even know what to say right now.


I totally totally agree. I mean, come one. Is this by someone’s kid?

Ehm what? Text again. Pass.

I think this is funny! It is sooo true. However, at first I thought he was holding a straight-edge razor in his right hand, but it turned out to just be a stapler. One demerit for that. Still good, tho. Red shirt works here.

Edit: Then again, it might just be the booze talking.

Not to be mean, but what is with the rash of ugly shirts from woot? I mean artistically this shirt is kinda weak isn’t it? Sorry for flaming but its disappointing when night after night we get these kind of shirts…

i just don’t get it.
opinion? this looks like a poor derby loser entry. outa-th’fog.

AWFUL! My gosh, this is a joke. I am highly questioning Woot lately.

sweet red stapler there, milton…

All things considered, I believe this is the new champion of worst shirt.woot daily ever. It’s jokey, it’s cliche, it looks like something a frat boy would love.