Out____ Steakhouse (lsd0ddsdl)

Finally got one!! I have’t gotten a Bundle O Chickens in over six months…

Snagged one, now I can go back to being semi productive.

It’s been a while, so glad I snagged one!

got one!

Yay - got one!

Well, yay, until I receive it… The last several have been lousy. Still hopeful.

ridiculous - no chance of getting this!

Sometimes you can be as quick as your little digits will allow, but that chamber is a cruel mistress.

Crap!!! I got it…

Still in the vestibule. Not holding out too much hope. Dang.

Edit: No luck. Womp Womp.

I’ve never gotten an exciting BOC (like with an expensive item or a letter) but it’s SO much fun to participate and open it’s worth the cash either way. :slight_smile:

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5… 90% SOLD OUT. What??

nooooo!!! I was so close!!!

New fast internet service, SCORE!

I was just logging in thinking one was coming up… and as soon as I got over to sellout to look, soldout. :frowning:

Yeah same here, while at work, clicked when it was 99%, VOP, then it was in my cart, clicked Place Order, then it automatically changed to Not avail. :frowning:
Called Wife at home, she got VOP and denied as well. Guess we’ll keep trying. I love all this disappointment.

I pulled a steady 8.5 hour campout and all I got was this crap.

I was gettin’ ready to get geared up for an all day F5-athon then realized… I got one on Feb 27 and that makes me ineligible. :frowning:

I was sitting here hitting refresh and it popped up as “Sold Out”. So disappointed!

Will there be another bag of crap offer today?

Nice! And sorry for the disappointment you’re about to receive.