Outdoor Blanket

Dear Mods, could you please check something for me? The specs say the item weighs 5 lbs. Can that really be right? It doesn’t look like it would be that heavy.

Also, I’m not seeing the “blue circle” design in any of the photos. And could we get confirmation that the “green stripe” design being sold is the one we’re seeing in the photos – the one with the blue exterior and the striped interior? TIA

From the vendor:
The actual weight of the blanket is just under 5 lbs, so yes the weight is correct. It is a blanket to be used on the ground vs. wrapping around yourself. Very durable and water resistant material. We call it “kid and dog durable”.

Here’s a photo of the blue circle design. Should be added to the sale soon.


Why can’t it be shipped to California? We do happen to have a few beaches out this way…

We bought 2 similar ones from Amazon ($28)http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0033OG86K and love them.

We use them at the beach, at the park and everywhere. My wife uses them when she teaches Yoga outdoors since you wont get wet if the lawn is wet.

They don’t feel that heavy.

I buy buy 1 more since we use them so often and leave them in our cars.

All of that is helpful, thanks T!

Looks like it could be a nice substitute for the tarp and blanket we lug along to lawn concerts.

Editing to add that this page on Amazon shows the blue circle design that you posted, and a green stripe design that’s a much more greenier green than the one pictured here. Could we get confirmation from the mfr on that? And while you’re on the horn with them, please suggest that they rename the item the Blarp. It’s a blanket, it’s a tarp!

From the vendor:
The blankets on Lightspeed Outdoors Amazon page are a different color of stripes and circles. The pictures on Woot! are accurate.

Also, he really liked “Blarp”.