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Who has tried some of these out? Is the chair comfy?

I could use a comfy outdoor chair, but at 10lbs it appears to be more of a car camping chair vs shuffle to the park for Shakespeare effort, so comfort is a very critical thing here. Would this be a good campfire lounger?


I find it amazing that the two tents have exactly the same wrinkles in the pictures. What are the odds?
What’s wrong, camera guy, didn’t feel like setting up two tents for nearly identical pictures? :slight_smile:


It would be really cool to know the dimensions of the tents. Can we find that out? Thanks!


It’s amazing to share this deal with us!! Thanks.


My favorite sport is laying in a hammock too.



slumberjack 6:
Dimensions: 164 x 94 x 80 in

slumberjack 8:
Dimensions: 220 x 96 x 80 in

(links go to the respective pages on Slumberjack’s site. thought the other specs listed there might be useful, too.)

hope that helps!


I have the Sample chair set up in my office. Every week or so, I have to hunt it down as someone has carried it off to their office. Trust me and other thiefs, errr buyers here, it’s comfortable.


No joke, right? It is that way on the manufacturer’s website. I even opened the pages in two separate windows so I coudl flip back and forth & they are very obviously the same exact picture. IDK - for that kind of money I’d like to know WHICH tent they did bother to snap a shot of, so I could know what I was looking at. I ge tit that they look similar, but they certainly can’t be so identical that it doesn’t warrant an actual photo of each tent.


I posted this the last time these tents were up for sale. Take it for what it is worth.