Outdoor Footwear for Men and Women

I currently have a pair of Zero Mass boots that are almost 2 years old. I’ve been using them for the cold weather at work since I’ve since replaced them with the Bates Deltas. I’m a valet driver and so I basically put these boots through hell every day averaging 5-7 miles. They have not failed, ripped, or had a zipper pop on me. I keep them regularly cleaned and polished too. Great boots!

Just got the Delta’s from another deal. They fit great in the mid-sole and heel, but the front seems more designed for a duck.

I’ll put some gel inserts in there and that should fill the void.

I’ve worn other Bates boots for years - and they are great. In fact, I have them on this morning.

In my way of thinking, the Zero-mass boots I ordered through this sale are not good for me.

Here’s why: The tongue isn’t attached to the upper, so it can migrate it’s way to one side or another. At the very least, this construction doesn’t prevent water from entering through the lace area. The tongue is attached in my current Bates boots, and they are truly waterproof all the way up to the top.

Also, the upper is not attached with a baffle behind the zipper. There’s a flap, but this doesn’t prevent water (or air) from entering the boot through the zipper. In my other Bates boots, there is a baffle that joins the upper halves behind the zipper, and this keeps them waterproof all the way to the top.

Finally, the laces fall from the eyelets when the boot is unzipped. In my current Bates boots, the upper eyelets are holes instead of hooks. To me, this defeats the purpose of having the side zipper…

Maybe these are reasons why these boots are half their normal cost?

No side zip…that’s why they’re not selling.