Outdoor Footwear

This is slightly cheaper from the mothership depending on your size:


And has more sizing and colors available. Just picked up a pair from the mothership with amazon prime shipping speed.

Teva suede sneaker is a joke. No ankle support at all. Sizes also run small. Do not buy!

I have a pair of Keen composite toe for work and love them. Durable and comfy. I’d be in for a pair of these hiking shoes if they had 7.5. (My feet are slightly wide and the 7.5’s I’ve tried in a few Keen styles have been perfect.)

What specifically makes footwear “tactical”?

How true to size are the Bates zip-up boots? I usually wear a 12; they only have 11 1/2 or 13.

The Teva Alameda sneaker is a good shoe. Never had Tevas before, but it’s really well made. Out of the box, not so comfortable, they need to wear in over a few days.
Especially for us flat-footed-folk, the arch support is a little too generous.
I’ll use them mostly for biking - but could wear them the rest of the day, too.

Men’s Cedar Canyon Tevas are one of the worst shoes I have ever owned. I really like the uppers and thought having the same essential sole as a pair of flip flops would be great, but these offer ZERO cushioning, and make walking in them a chore. Only pair of shoes I’ve really ever regretted buying. Good thing they look decent, because they hurt like hell. This must be like what women experience wearing high heels.

Tactical footwear tends to be for getting tasks accomplished versus strategic footwear which is for big-picture planning.

I wore my Almeda shoes in the pouring rain today for about 2 hours and my toes stayed snug and dry. The shoes are really comfy too, lots of give in the footbed. I was thinking about getting another pair in blue (I currently have the “picante” red) but they’re sold out, oh well.

I can’t tell if the bungee color is grey or tan? Does anyone know?

Also, if these run narrow, and are men sizes, does that mean that my average width woman’s foot might fit just right?

Considering they’re cheaper on Amazon when you factor in Prime vs. the shipping on Woot, I will probably go through amazon straight, but I know I’m more likely to get an answer from the community here.

I miss the days when woot had actual deals.

I’m sorry, I’m not positive, which shoe are you referring to?

The features list on Teva shoes:

“Mush infused insole brings the absurd”

I think it’s likely some text was omitted there, Woot staff.

Nahhh, we’re just getting poetic about our shoes.

Mine arrived this morning and they look great, fit fine, and are comfortable. I was a little concerned about the size but my foot measured 11.4 inches and the 11.5 shoe fits perfectly.

They are very true to size. We bought different sizes for two people and they both fit their normal sizes perfectly.