Outdoor Interiors 7-pc Fold & Store Patio Furniture Set

**Item: **Outdoor Interiors 7-pc Fold & Store Patio Furniture Set
Price: $749.99
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Condition: New

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5/10/2013 - $799.99 - 28 comment(s)

Here as a 3 star review from Amazon
4 Star reviews avg from Amazon on a similar set (no inserts)

Say what you will, but this set is gorgeous!
And very ingenious how it all stores!

Look at this information on the company over at outdoorinteriors.com

We bought this set 6 months ago and love it. It stores nicely, moves easily and looks great. Just be advised, you will have to oil the entire thing when it arrives and then treat it each year.

I bought this same set in Colorado in 2009. I have moved across country three times since and still have it and it is in great shape. The way it folds up is amazing, storing it for the winter is so easy once the chairs are under and the cover is on, extremely small footprint. The table is built well but you do have to maintain it. Take care when opening and closing (it is best for 2 people to not over stress the joints… once it is open and locked it is very solid. I love this set and I am sure you will too…
Don’t buy a wooden outdoor set if you are not a wood lover, No matter how good the quality of the product, if you don’t care for it, it will not last for ever…

As the previous comment mentioned, it may need a treatment right away. i re-finished mine with an outdoor varnish.

Very interested, but the place I want to store it has limited dimensions. Anyone know the folded up dimensions?

Having been a wood working hobbyist all of my life, there are a few interesting facts I can tell you about eucalyptus wood and how it relates to outdoor furniture.

Eucalyptus wood is very dense, very strong, very heavy and has an outstanding grain pattern with beautiful honey-brown color. It is resistant to all kinds of rot, resistant to insects and filled with natural oils making it resistant to the hazards of water. (Some of the oils in this wood are commercially used as an insect repellent) In many respects, it is very similar in properties to the much more expensive teak wood (about 4 or 5 times more expensive on todays market). What makes eucalyptus less expensive is that eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing hard woods known and replenishes itself much faster than teak. As a point of interest, I was doing some fishing about 20 miles offshore in close proximity to a vessel doing some salvage work. They had a claim on a sunken boat filled with teak logs (same resistant properties as eucalyptus) and were pulling the logs up while I was there. The logs were in the deep for more than 150 years but looked as though they were just cut down.

So, you can deduce that eucalyptus wood is a NATURAL for use in outdoor furniture or outdoor anything.

The chairs look flimsy. Will they hold 225-250 pound people?

The description says they hold up to 250.

Absolutely they can hold 250lbs. They are SOLID Eucalyptus Hardwood…no veneers, laminates or poor quality. You will love them!