Outdoor Interiors All-Weather Rocking Chair

Two OK reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

They like the product though but dinged the reviews due to packaging and not realizing it needed assembly.

Some additional info, straight from outdoorinteriors.com

Conan has the main links. So far, all I can find is a Sears third-party retailer for $359.41 vs. tonight’s $149.99 here

amazon 206 smackers


My question is - are they comfortable??? The reviews don’t address that.

Hi, I’m Tim Cimaglio of Outdoor Interiors and I’d like to give you my personal guarantee that this is one of the most comfortable Rockers you’ll ever sit in…truly! We spent a full year engineering the comfort into the curved seat and back and you will love it. Feel free to give me your review after you purchase a few :slight_smile: Enjoy!!!

Product is fantastic! It super comfortable, easy to assemble and it looks great. I get comments every time we have friends over. Steve F. Wisconsin.

Any thoughts of how these would hold up poolside? We would store them inside during the “off season” but I am wondering if wet suits would damage them. Thoughts?

That’s a handsome rocking chair.

The best part with the Resin Woven Wicker is that is can handle any kind of wetness unlike cushions and natural woven grasses and wickers. The non-pourous resin holds up very well to chlorine or salt pool water. Oil the Hardwood around the arms and seats a few times a year to preserve the look at protect it also. You will love them!

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Also, I’m tempted, but I wonder if this chair will hold up through the years.

Cats and dogs love these!

Wood split after 3 months of using. POOR QUALITY