Outdoor Interiors Patio Furniture

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Outdoor Interiors Patio Furniture
Price: $169.99 - 849.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 6-7 business days (Wednesday, Jan 07 to Monday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Umm, idk where you live, but its kind of cold here in Michigan to be sitting outside

4.5 Stars on the Adirondack Chair over at Wayfair

I really like to own this set and I’ve been thinking about it more than a year now. It’s well built, handsome and the price is right. Everything is right except the season. Why should I buy it now and tie up money when I’m not going to use the set for 4 months or more?

Eucalyptus priced like it is teak wood. The Safiavieh eucalyptus table set I purchased two years ago has signs of mold in crevices and joints. Awesome folding features aside for both items, I would consider waiting for better deal or shell out for real teak or cedar at these prices. YMMV. For all intents and purposes, eucalyptus should be much cheaper.

If you intend to leave it out in the rain, (and you realistically will not sand and reseal every few seasons), cedar or teak should be seriously considered.

Something about the title of this and the price reminds me of the sims.

Because 4 months is really nothing and and you’re set for summer, or you’ll pay prime season pricing when the weather breaks when every other knucklehead decides they need new outdoor furniture. Do it now and you’ll be the smart one who saved $500 buying early. Tada!

Hi ACanarelli, this is without a doubt the best price you’ll see in the New Year - 2015 with Woot and Amazon! We hope that you take advantage of this special pricing.
Tim Cimaglio
Outdoor Interiors

Hi WriteB,

At Outdoor Interiors, we use the highest quality Plantation Grown Brazilian Eucalyptus. We kiln dry our solid hardwood to the perfect moisture before processing between 9-11%. We also use the highest joinery techniques for assembling our product with tongue and groove and other means to create the best possible product at great price points. These are the advantages to our production versus the Safiavieh product that you purchased. I’m not familiar with their products but we’re simply not the same as other Eucalyptus manufacturers. We are located in Chicago with a fully stocked warehouse year round and will support any needs that our customers require. You will not find a finer product than from my company. I personally stand behind everything we produce. Also, for your concern, I recommend using a Hardwood Cleaner with a fungicide to help reduce the mold before oiling. If you are in a humid climate or a lot of shade after rain do what you can to keep dry and in more sunlight. This will help maintain your hardwood in a better condition throughout the year. Let me know if I can help you in any other way in the future. My email is tcimaglio@outdoorinteriors.com

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Tim Cimaglio
Outdoor Interiors

I have 2 of the Adiorndack chairs and they have a few issues.

First, the chairs showed up and most of the slat screws had been stripped and I ended up replacing them with some longer screws to get it to hold.

1 slat was completely off a chair, where the glue wasnt holding and the screw holes were stripped.

Also on the arm rest of one chair, there was a piece of wood that had been replaced, probably a 3 inch X 2 inch rectangle. It felt smooth, but was noticeable as it was inserted and glued back into the armrest. After a few rains, it has started to warp and separate from the arm. Definitely a defect that was repqired in the chair during manufacture, and maybe why they are on Woot.

Other than that, we have been pleased with the chairs and use.

Any problems w/the granite top over time outdoors?
What warranty does the set come with?
Do you recommend oiling new or waiting for a year or two.
What’s the best type of oil to use? TIA

The 4 Granite Inlays require very little care outdoors. They are machine stone polished and are non porous and could take a little stone sealant after a few years if you like. Oil with Linseed Oil or any outdoor hardwood oil a few times a year to maintain the stained finish. We recommend within a few days of purchase outdoors to protect from the elements outdoors. You’ll love the way it looks after oiling also. Thanks!

Also, all Outdoor Interiors products come with a 1-Year Warranty. We will work with you no matter what problems may arise. Thanks!

Dear BShokes,

Please try reaching me at tcimaglio@outdoorinteriors.com. It sounds like there was some shipping damage and some other very unusual concerns. This is absolutely the exception and not our rule for the products we sell on Woot and with all our customers and Dealer Base throughout the country. Let us know what you need since we provide the very best customer service to all our customers. Thank you.
Tim Cimaglio

Is this Jarrah Euclalyptus (marjinata)? Just wondering…
I tend to use marine deck finish on all my outside furniture… since nothing else compares…is this advisable with this?

We work with one of the largest managed plantations in central Brazil for our timber purchases. Please know there are over 300 + species sustainably grown within the Eucalyptus Genus in south america today. It’s varied to the point where we cannot pinpoint, and all of the highest density and quality eucalyptus available for fabrication today. You can use a Marine grade poly on our product but you’d want to keep out of any humidity and moisture for at lease 21 days prior to application.
Best Wishes,
Outdoor Interiors