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I bought the Luxe bench the last time it was on woot. It’s a nice looking bench, and reasonably well built.

It’s worth noting that while they have applied a stain, the bench hasn’t been oiled, so you will need to do that yourself. I put a couple coats of teak oil on there, and it looks great.

It’s also described as a “summer bench” (or something like that) in the manual, meaning you should keep it out of the snow & rain.

Thanks for that info! That’s a quality post, right there.

Indeed! I host a board game day once a month and was previously hoping to get a convertible bench slash picnic table solution since the space is small. I am hopoing this may be a better solution as regular picnic benches can be awkward to get in and out of. I jumped on three of these wishing I could get a 4th.

Woot: Would you consider making the limitation 4? An even number of benches is desirable.

Yimmy149: Would you say the bench would be ok out over winter in the Pacific Northwest if they were covered up?

You do know that you can create extra accounts right? Maybe one for your spouse? True, you would not be able to combine shipping, but an extra $5 on a $155 item?

Plus with an extra account in your name, when you buy gifts, your regular account does not show them in the history. And you can set up shipping to the office so no worries about the package showing up when you are not there to intercept it. Then you can leave stuff at the office for a while before you bring it home, and when the spouse asks where it came from you can honestly say: “That? Oh I’ve had that for a while, I’m not sure when I got it, I just brought it home from the office.” And when the batteries up for sale again, you can buy, Buy, BUY ALL THE BATTERIES! YES. YES! No more trips to the store with whining children in tow because the electronic device of the hour is dead and there are no more batteries in the box. I WILL HAVE ALL THE BATTERIES I NEED!

Or you could lobby the Woot staff to bump the limits this one time. That could work too.


I live in the PNW and it will be spending the winter on a covered patio, so I have faith. :slight_smile:

It looks like it’s mostly screwed together, not glued so I don’t think it will literally fall apart.

That’s pretty much what I ended up doing. I enlisted a coworker who’s also a wooter to buy one more for me. Great minds think alike!

Great chair. I bought 2 last time, and they are really comfortable. Very happy with my mine. Good to know about the weather, though, because I’ve been leaving them out all the time. Hmm…

ABSOLUTELY…Eucalyptus holds up well all over the country but super super dry like AZ and NV…you’ll need a lot of oil then in those areas.

Chair looks fine but damn that pool looks awesome.