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How do I get dimensions of the cushions?

Where’s the drink holder and the ottoman?

Who buys THREE chairs? Woot even shows a screenshot of FOUR chairs stacked on top of each other.

Maybe it’s time to start adjusting the qty dropdown on certain sales.

Sorry for the late answer. The cushion and pillow sizes are on the SPECS tab of each sale page. So click on the design you like and then click on SPECS under the photos.

Is the Adirondack chair fully assembled out of the box, because, for $200, I wanna pull it out and plop, u get me?

So the ottoman or foot rest is actually made into the Adirondack chair and slides out?
And there is NO drink holder?

Oh and my PINK BICYCLE ALREADY ARRIVED. It only took 2 days!

One rounded chair cushion is 50 bucks? Wow pretty pricey when you only get a season or two out of them.

If it is not and is like the ones I purchased from a woot sponsored deal, there will be some assembly required.
The chairs came in several large pieces with a learning curve for assembly of about 45 minutes for one person using power tools.
I had to assemble the (1) arm supports to to base, (2) arm rests to supports, (3) back to base, (4) legs to base (5) the footrest to the base.
It wasn’t hard once I figured out the directions and assembling the first would have gone faster if I had help.

Great point! We’ve raised the maximum order to 4. Thank you!


Personally I bought these a few years back. Little assembly, and finish as you like if you buy the plain ones. But much better deal in my opinion.

In the last picture you can see a Corona in the right arm.

Does anyone know how long the LEDs in the Patio Lights will last before the batteries need to be replaced?

The Westinghouse 5hr timer LED candles I bought are still going well after 3+ months of use on the 5-on/19-off hr interval. Although they do dim noticeably with lower battery charge.

Although not even half as bright as a traditional candle, They’ve been of great use during a number of power outages we’ve had this winter.

Damn, its $192.18 here –> http://www.sears.com/outdoor-interiors-oilcd3111-eucalyptus-adirondack-chair-with-drink/p-SPM5037168701P

But I suppose no tax and shipping for $5 makes it a decent deal, but not enough for me this time.

i ordered two, one had a broken back rest

Ugh, sorry about that. Email support@woot.com and they’ll take care of you.