Outdoor Living: Live It Up

I have one of these Watering Hoses which I purchased elsewhere a couple of years ago and it turned-out to be terrible. It looks kool, it’s durable, it’s made of good material, but it is so unwieldy that you throw you arms up in the air in frustration. The hose turns into nothing but a tangled mess every time you use it…and untangling it is a workout in itself. I contacted the company Rep.who gave me a rash of suggestions to tame this monster and none of them worked. One was to lay-it-out in the sun, another was to tie-off one end to something like a tree and then stretch it out by pulling hard on the opposite end…the result nothing. If you want to entertain big-time frustration, this is your baby.

Don’t blink.

I just bought the water hose. The price was not the best. But the hose does not kink, it rolls great. I like it.

Similar Black & Decker culti-hoe for $3 at Big Lots: http://www.biglots.com/p/black-decker-garden-iq-series-culti-hoe

when will the umbrella ship out? thank you