Outdoor Mega Clearance

Got the Titanium spork from thinkgeek and I am not a fan. It has a pretty wide spoon part and the texture makes it not so desirable. I had high hopes and gave some to my backwoods backpacking family members. They take them, but one said he uses it for a mini shovel. Most certainly a novelty item IMO. Sold out so it doesn’t matter, but in case you were considering I wanted to share my experience.

The “Men’s Camping Kit” is is soap, a towel, and a sponge. I guess washing dishes is “men’s work” now?

So… there was only one Lifeline 4036-NM Two-Person, Three-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit? That’s rough…

I’ve been logging in every day trying to score one of the yukon summit packs and somehow I missed this!

So did anyone else order the Black Gearslinger but get some silly other color of a different pack entirely?

Yes, I did as well. I received a Jumbo Versipack in Orange/Foliage. I’ve asked for an RMA. I am not happy that I was sent a completely different bag than the one I ordered.

Yup, that’s what I got. I RMAed it but it really seems someone tried to pull a fast one there.