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Now you can be roasty & toast as you sit out on your patio surrounded by 12+ inches of snow!


I wonder if the Inspiration fireplace could be used without the f-ugly glass tubes?


No, the glass tubes are what allow convection to make the flame as tall as it is… otherwise the flame would only be a couple inches high.

Also, the pic of the Inspiration looks like it only has one glass tube. The others are reflections from the mirrored surface behind it.


Where does one procure the fuel, how much does it cost, and how long does a given amount of fuel last?


Venturi flame 13 oz. gel fuel canisters are available off the seller’s website in:
[list][]6 pack quantities for $28.20 ($4.70 each)
]12 pack quantities for $66.20 ($5.52 each)
[*]24 pack quantities for $97.20 ($4.05 each)[/list]
I do not see a burn time rating on the website but alternate brand “Real Flame” gel fuel 13oz canisters advertise “up to three hours” on Amazon for about half the price per can.


What additional effect is the optional double cylinder?


Do these produce any significant heat while outside or is it for mere cosmetics


We have a small one, we bought at a grocery store. They are only for decoration. You can buy citronella gel to use outside though wigh helps keep bugs away


Don’t let your plywood children near these things. I believe these table top ones are probably a lot like the ones that had recalls, issues, and burn victims in the past.





The table top fire pits were not at all included in a recall. Both the Inspiration and the table top use 13oz gel cans. You do not refill these with pourable gel. Not only is that dangerous but it also voids the warranty. If used properly, with a single can of gel, these fireplaces and fire pits burn beautifully without any danger.


In other words No Napalm refills since they could be hazardous to your health and skin condition.