Outdoor Safety and Comfort

Far but that is only because of a few things. Mainly that I live in AZ so it gets nice locally to camp. Planning to do Lost Dutchman in October. Also the rains are over, so can leave the rain tarp off. Could go up north but I don’t really have cold weather gear.

I’ve comparing the Lifeline kits. The small one person two-day kit has food, water, shelter (poncho and blanket) plus a glow stick, call 911 banner and a can opener. These last 3 items are not in the 2 person, 2 day kit. The 2 person, 2 day kit adds a first aid kit, a hygiene kit (hand sanitizer, shampoo, etc.) and survival equipment. the Emergency kit is a 2 person, 3 day kit and has everything the 2 day kit has plus the third day of food and water plus a few straps like a folding shovel. Since the emergency kit is $5 less than the 2 person, 2 day kit, it is arguably the best value.

That said I already have a auto kit that includes a folding shovel and some survival supplies and two first aid kits. I have plenty of personal hygiene items in small containers, so I am going to get the one person kit mostly out of curiosity to see how many ounces of water each bag holds ( the MayDay company makes more than one size). I plan to add a 8 oz bag of nuts to the kit to raise the protein and calorie level and a couple of trash compactor bags ( for water-proof shelter, thicker and bigger than garbage bags).

So you want a camouflaged first aid kit so that it’s harder to find when you actually need it?