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I have Table in a Bag W2817 Large Wood Portable Table With Carrying Bag, Brown or one very similar, that I paid much more for at Crate and Barrel.
It’s fantastic and was well worth the price I paid, making this an outstanding price on this table.
Perfect for picnics, concerts, beach, camping, etc…

It’s a bit heavier then I thought, so make sure you get someone else to carry it like I do ! : D

5 pounds, though if it were a bit lighter id pull the trigger no question as a hiking table


Regarding the “Table in A Bag CBCRW Faux Bamboo All-Weather Wicker Stackable Bistro Chair, Red with White Accents (Pack of 2)”


I bought three of this item (three “pack of 2”, as the title clearly says) and received only three chairs instead of six. When I reached out to Woot, they assured me that the other three were coming.

After a while they did not arrive, and I attempted to get a refund for the three missing chairs. I was told in no uncertain terms that I ordered three chairs when I explained that the description was for a two pack I was ignored and told that they would discuss the matter with me no further.

When I complained on social media, they immediately offered to investigate further then never responded and completely ignored me.

This is a terrible company. Save your money and shop elsewhere

tnk207: I’m very sorry for what you’ve gone through. The sale was clearly listed as a 2-pack. I’ll forward this to CS to see what can be done.

The wine glasses – how many ounces?

Pardon me if I’m more than a little bit dubious. I know your “customer service” team won’t actually do anything about it. They told me in no uncertain terms that they wouldn’t discuss the matter with me any further (I have all the e-mails, I’m happy to show them to you and to every other Woot customer). They won’t even acknowledge their mistake. The only time I’ve gotten anyone to show anything resembling interest or sympathy is when I’ve complained publicly and then I’m promised that someone will look at my complaint and get right back to me. It’s been almost a month since the last time I was told that and still nothing my complaint goes back to customer service and I hear nothing.

I’ll be surprised if I even here anything back from you after posting this.

Woot has stolen $200 of my money and you’re all clearly totally fine with that. More power to you. It was my fault for not being a more cautious buyer, I just want to inform the rest of the people who might consider buying from you so they don’t make the same mistake.

Oh, also does everyone know that Woot has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau?

Can anyone tell the difference between the W2817 and the W2716? One is low and one is large, but the difference in the dimensions is 27.5^2 vs 27^2 and the same height

Seems like an obvious opportunity to dispute the charge with your credit card company…

(ok - veering back on topic…)

I ordered two tables from this sale, one tall aluminum and one low aluminum and both in brown.

Today I received one of the tables which appears to be the low one, but I don’t want to open the package any further to verify since a cursory check inside the top of the table bag leads me to believe that instead of a NEW, BROWN table I received a USED, SILVER one. The end I can see without removing the table from the bag has several clear wear marks on it as well as what appears to be a rust stain on the aluminum near a screw hole, which would not be present unless a steel screw was installed while moisture was present. The table and legs are also clearly silver aluminum colored.

I am not optimistic about receiving my other NEW, BROWN tall table at this point, but I am going to wait until I receive whatever the second package may bring before I contact Woot! about a resolution.

Sorry about the delivery so far, feel free to post in here if you have any other problems, and let me know if you have any problems with CS.

I ordered and received the Green Table in a Bag. It was new and as expected EXCEPT on one side the mounts for the horizontal bars point down rather than up so there is no way to secure the bars on that side. Talk about poor quality control! Well I can probably drill new holes and re-rivet the mounts but and posting this to see if anyone else got one like this. I posted to Customer Service and will see where this goes.

Purchased 4 of the Table in A Bag CNADIR Natural Wood Adirondack Chairs. After taking the first one out of the box, I’m not sure I’ll even open the other three. The bottom of the box was filled with screws that just pulled right out of the wood. Pieces that were pre-assembled were in pieces. The box was intact, so I don’t think it was rough shipping. Tried to reassemble the pieces, the screws just spun in the wholes. Tried using larger screws, now have larger holes. The one I opened will go in the trash, the other three are going to Goodwill. This may be my last time being burned by Woot.

Hey Woot,

I purchased two Natural Wood Adirondack Chairs. I received them but one was broken and missing screws. I have submitted two separate emails to your “customer service” but have not heard anything back. Very disappointed in this service - please respond!

I’ve replied to you on Facebook and via PMs, but you info is added to my evening CS report.

I also sent a request for resolution to CS two days ago for the used table of incorrect color that I received, and I have not heard back.

In the interests of completeness, my large brown table did appear to arrive intact, but I have not yet attempted to assemble it to make sure there were no issues in manufacturing as above. I will report back when I get a chance to completely check it out.

Sorry for the delay, I’ll check in with CS on your order today.

Three days later, still no response.

It looks like they didn’t have any messages from you. If you haven’t please use the ‘support’ tab at the top of any woot page to email CS. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for letting me know. I went ahead and sent another e-mail direct to support@woot.com as well as sending the same message through the support tab above. I sent both over the weekend, so hopefully I get some sort of response this week.