Outdoor Shoes and Sandals

Anybody else buy the men’s mush sandals at the end of sept for $19.99? And the women’s for a little more? Is it possible to get a credit…I know I’ll buy more stuff soon anyway :slight_smile:

Actually Grounding (walking barefoot on grass or sand) is incredibly good for the body’s health and vitality. There are times for shoes but barefoot walking can have great health benefits.

Do you change the size because you don’t wear socks with these? Or do you wear socks?

Does these run small, large, just right?

Can I wear them with socks?

And why are the neon yellow/black model always sold out?

Seems like they are sold out as soon as they are posted.

Need you to be more specific on first two questions.

On the third question… This is the second time that sku ran, so the assortment wasn’t as deep as the first.

Are you referencing the Teva? You wouldn’t change the size based on wearing socks.

What about shoes that utilize copper to “ground”? Like Juils? Have you tried that type of footwear? Would you be interested in those?

I’ve never heard of those, or that. Please offer some “grounding” shoes because the comments that day will be the best ever.