Outdoor Shoes and Sandals

Bought the Teva Men’s Original Universal sandal (not the ‘mush’) in color evergreen from Woot in mid Sept. (for $5 more) and they’re great! The ability to quickly and easily adjust the straps every time you put them on, along with not having a strap between your toes, make these sandals so comfortable that you can wear them all day without issue. In actuality I only needed to adjust the lower strap the first time I wore them because, from then on, I would merely slide my foot ‘into’ the front strap and adjust the upper strap using the high quality velcro closure. I absolutely recommend these and, quite frankly, now that I’ve experienced them, would not hesitate to say they’re worth the list price, but at $14.99 … WOW!

Any word if they fit true to size?
Or any chance of Euro sizing.

Could you let us know which shoes you’re asking about? I can speak to Teva’s running pretty true to size, as I’m wearing a pair right now. :slight_smile:

If your referring to my review of the Teva Universal sandals, the answer is they run true. I’m a size 10, which is what I ordered, and I have just the right amount of “excess” beyond the outline of my foot.

What I’m really hoping is the Jambu Navigator runs true to size because I just ordered them in size 10. I really wanted to order 10.5’s but those dirty wooters beat me to it by 30 min. a couple of days ago. I’ve spent two days vascillating whether to order the 10’s. But I’ve measured my foot 5 times and, according to all the charts my 10.5 inch longest foot actually translates to a size 9-1/2 so I guess I’m really ordering 1/2 size larger. But even though that’s what the charts and formulas say (the brannock formula is 3×lgth in inches -22, 3×10.5=31.5 - 22 = size 9.5) I have always considered 10 my std. shoe size. The Jambu site says to order your normal shoe size because they make their shoes to adhere to the U.S. standard sizes. One reviewer, out of 5, on Amazon says she always orders her Jambu’s 1/2 size larger. But 1 of the other 4 reviewers said they run true to size and the remaining 3 didn’t mention sizing at all which I ‘assume’ (we all know what that stands for) meant they ordered their usual size, otherwise they would have mentioned sizing. I hope, I hope! Man am I being verbose! Sorry bout that.

Hey Manhandsha, do you know anything about the sizing of the Jambu’s? Even though it’s a little late to ask? Actually it’s 5am so you won’t really have time to answer. Sale’s over in 4 hours. If a wooter woots at 5am does he make a sound? Hell, I don’t know!