Outdoor Toys and Ride-Ons

$20 Nice Deal :slight_smile:

Was so happy to see the Skootcase listed again here because I just missed them last wootoff and since we now need a toddler suitcase.

Just got our Skootcase in today and found that it does NOT match the one shown in the product video. There is no opening under the seat to access the inside. Also, the license plate latch at the rear lifts upward and is too tough for my son to open it. Hopefully it will loosen a little with wear.

I just saw the review link at the bottom of the description and it does match the model shown there. Packaging said 2012 so I’m not sure whether this is a newer model or an older one.

Son is happy with it though. Just hope it holds up in travel and he doesn’t fall off.

Thank you for letting us know the differences. I pass your information on to the Kids team.