Outdoor Vino Mixed (6)

Where will you “take it outside”?


trying to order and have shipped to Missouri, which is listed in the “approved” states - won’t let me order :frowning: help?!

We fixed it!

Y’know, I like wine. And I like the outdoors. But I already have reusable bottles into which I can pour wine. Before I buy six completely unknown bottles at over $11 a bottle, it would help to have some info about the wine that is a little more detailed than the lifestyle fluff that is shown here. Some reason to believe that this is superior to Two Buck Chuck.

These wines have been offered numerous times on wine.woot. If you enter “Outdoor Vino” into the google search bar near the top of this page on the right hand side, you can access all the previous discussions of these wines including input from the winery.