Outdoor Week: Camping Essentials

Man that WootSquatch is a fast sucker.


(notice how the stud finder is pointing to Squatch?)

So this is outdoor week? Riddle me this. Why does step 1 of the Serta EZ bed include “plug into wall”?

Photoshop error on Left side of tent panel. “L” on main photo, “Wootsquatch” on second photo of Ledge Red tent?

48hour 1 person survival kit $19.95 free shipping @ amazon…


Does anyone know if the sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack? Didn’t see one in the description/‘in the box’, so trying to determine how much I’m going to have to spend to get one for this to give a ‘final’ price to me. Anything? Anyone? Sasquatch?

There is a rain fly for hammocks but where are the hammocks

Someone explain to me how a microwave noodle bowl made it into the camping/outdoors event.

I have the rainfly and have recommended it to several friends with great success. I’ve slept through some pretty heavy storms with it no problem. Only possible suggestions/tips: the guy lines it comes with are great in that they are reflective to avoid tripping over them, but the material is very snag-prone. I’ve replaced the two end pieces that wrap around the trees with 550 cord so it’ll last longer. The stakes are standard cheap metal rod with a bend at the end, I got 3-point aluminum stakes to replace them – this is personal preference. I also added a ridgeline to my setup to help keep the top from collapsing slightly (you can do without but it just takes a little more fidgeting to perfect the hang).

In for one parachute blanket, this should save some space replacing a tarp that I currently bring just for sitting on. In a pinch and hung correctly I bet it would even double in a light rain as overhead protection. We’ll see.

The Ledge mummy sleeping bags are available on Amazon with prime for $45, so really no savings here whatsoever.

The CRKT Eat n tool is pretty nice. It’s a spork with allen wrench holes, not much else to say about it. Seems rugged and I’ve abused it to pry shit open without issue. It’s currently my primary utensil in my mess kit.

Woot: Please bring the Yukon hammocks back (specifically with bugnet), I have several people waiting patiently to place orders when they return. I agree with the other commenter, why the rainfly without the hammock?

I’m interested in the Yukon Outfitters Walkabout Rainfly for use as a backpacking/camping (small) tarp, but I can’t find any information on whether or not this is manufactured with ripstop or equivalent type material, and the packed size. Any insight from use dmsuperman, or info Woot?

the plate too

I have one of the parachute blankets. It is very nice for picnics, concerts, and other outdoor events. I just stuff it in my bag and go! Light, crushes down.

I don’t know that it would work as a rain fly, as one person mused. It may keep the damn off you, but I don’t think it will keep off a heavy rain.

@achoren thanks for your interest! Our Walkabout Rainfly is constructed of strong 190T polyester with PU coating 1000 mm. The seams are triple stitched and taped to provide a watertight seal. When stored in the stuff sack the dimensions are: 11.5" x 4" x 3"

Anybody have any experience with the yukon outfitters 30 degree sleeping bag?

I have 2 they are really good for spring summer fall in my area. Not much for winter here. They can be zipped together to make one large one from 2 for couples

The Ledge Tent is a knock-off of the older model Kelty Gunnison tent, but this one has fiberglass poles and cheaper materials. It is a decent tent, but the poles make it weaker and heavier than it could be.

I have the Kelty Gunnison and love the design and simplicity, this Ledge knockoff will have that same design, so it’ll work if you don’t mind buying a knock-off and can deal with cheaper materials and more weight.

Is that tent even available any more? The current Kelty Gunnison 2.2 I found has basically the same weight:

are those grommets on the tarp? Tieouts would be preferred. It said that the dimensions were measured on the diagonal, so I am guessing this tarp is to be used in diamond configuration (or is this an asym). I wonder if this tarp is large enough to provide good coverage if it is a diamond tarp. would love to see some videos or picks of this set up over a hammock to see what it looks like when covering

I saw that too, but I have a converter in my vehicle that allows me to use that type of plug in order to use the electricity required by the bed in order to effectively use said bed.

Got my wife one while I froze my butt off. Worked really well for her in 25 degree weather. Last minute purchase as we didn’t expect it to get that cold.