Outdoor Week: Gun Cases & Vault

Anyone happen to know if the cloth cases’s zippers can be locked?

Can the waist belt on the Swedish bag be removed?

The Yukon Tactical website states that the Yukon Tactical MG13B015 Swedish Special Forces Pack, known on their website as the “SSG 72 PACK” comes with a “Lifetime Yukon Outfitters Warranty”. Anyone know if this warranty extends to this product if purchased through Woot? The Woot page only says it comes with a “1 Year Yukon Tactical” warranty

Good luck getting a hold of anyone at Yukon Tactical. I have been trying to get a warranty on one of their products and have not even gotten a single reply to any of the emails I have sent and they don’t have phone number listed…

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I will have to rethink my purchase of this “high quality” product


Sorry to hear about the lack of service you received! Please feel free to reach out to us over the phone at 336-337-5704 and we will prioritize your claim. In the meantime, we are working to answer everyone. Thanks for the support!

These packs are heavy all by themselves. It’s a tradeoff: durability vs weight, so they’re probably more durable but you’ll pay in weight. Personally, I’d rather have very lightweight, because you can compensate for lack of durability by being more careful, but the only compensation you have for weight is taking less of what you need.

I have the Discreet double rifle case, you could put a small lock between the zipper pulls. That’s about it.

The waist belt on this bag is not removable. However, the waist belt on the Stokeridge 3-Day Pack is removable. Both were made with a non-slip pad and are very comfortable on your waist. Hope this helps!

I ordered the Swedish Special Forces pack last time on Woot (early August), they sent me a Bug Out Bag instead (with an MSRP of $45 on Yukon’s site). Still waiting for a resolution. I wouldn’t chance it again.

i ordered the boyt h51 when it was on woot 2 weeks ago. i still haven’t received my merchandise. all i’ve gotten are three emails telling me to be patient while woot works with the vendor locating my items.

I ordered there Tactical Range Bag and Delta Territory Pack off Woot over the last couple months. Both extremely well made products.

Unfortunately, one of the zippers broke on my Range Bag a couple months after I got it. Emailed them about it about a month ago, but havent heard anything back.

Anyone know what the difference is between the Stokeridge Pack and the Swedish Pack? The pics are pretty basic, no videos, and a $20 price difference. Only real difference I can see is the smaller/removeable waist strap on the Stokeridge.

Thanks for making this right! You guys have some awesome products and I am looking forward to getting a replacement.

@cerberus524, you should have been responded to already, but if not please send a reminder to customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and we’ll make it right!

Yeah, Woot is offering a great deal for the YT Stokeridge - 3 Day pack! Some differences… The Swedish Special Forces Pack has a built-in padded laptop sleeve, sits 2" taller, almost a pound lighter, and the padding on the strap systems are thicker. Both are awesome bags made with 1000D construction, with water resistant coating.

Thanks for your continued support!

So I am thinking of getting the Swedish special forces bag but am still on the fence. Is there a lifetime warranty like on the yukon outfitters website or just the 1 year when we buy it through woot? I know we got the lifetime on the dry packs.

It’s all about the Swedish. Sweeeedish.

Yukon Outfitters Could you post some pictures of the insides of these backpacks?

Or you could start working out more to compensate for weight X3

Honestly, I’d rather have the weight with the durability. There’s always the risk of theft, but if you have a heavy, durable case that can’t easily be broken into, that risk is going to be cut down at least a bit. Also, all it would take is not being careful enough just one time and crap can really hit the fan.

Will definitely be dragging my better half onto here after work. Might even shoot him the link during my break. We still need a case for our rifle.

The Stokeridge says that it has an internal frame. Is it a piece of plastic like there is in the El Capitan dry bag, or is it an aluminum bar?

I’m having a had time deciding between the Stokeridge and the Swedish Special Forces Bag to use as a durable carry on for flying. I like the idea of using a backpack like one of these two versus the duffle bag I have been using the last few years.