Outdoor Week: Let's go Fishing.

Many times…

Is “every fly” code for WootSquatch?

I exclusively flyfish. These reels aren’t for flyfishing but are good reels when you compare the specs. I wish woot would sell some flyfishing equipment and one man inflatable float pontoons . also some waders.

Do the hats really come with the mesh net this time?

Oh, and the 3000 spinning reel is $5 cheaper on Ardent’s website…

Or a good fishing kayak

One size fits all? That’s what she said.

Are these reels suitable for salt water fishing?

Agreed on the flyfishing gear. Would be great to see. They did have some waders (http://sport.woot.com/offers/columbia-gadwall-chest-waders) last fall.

I ordered 2 of the hats and they came yesterday…with NO mesh netting? What. The. Heck?!

That happened to me the last time, hence the question this time…please post the resolution.

No nets!!!

Hey you guys, sorry for the net issue, I wondered about it too and am annoyed that it turns out we screwed it up again. I’ll check in with the buyer, but please use the support tab above to contact CS so they have your issues in the system, too.