Outdoor Week: Marine Line Dry Bags

from my personal experience, the single zipper down the middle makes packing a little cumbersome. I have a similar bag with the “U” shaped zipper, makes use effortless.

Previously wooted the Bighorn All-Weather Duffel and just used it this past weekend for the first time for a Ragnar Relay race. We only had a little bit of rain, but I was glad to have the bag. It worked well, holding what I needed. I would certainly recommend it at this price. It’s a great value when compared to similar bags from other outdoor suppliers.

I have the El Capitan (I strap it to the back of my motorcycle for camping trips) and can’t recommend it enough. Very rugged and durable feeling, I’m constantly stuffing it to the brim and there’s always more room than I anticipate. Lots of tie downs and straps for tightening everything up nicely and the velcro ends make it easy to ensure no dangling straps (huge +1 for motorcycling). Comfortable wear on the back once you situate it. Without a doubt very waterproof – somebody posted a video of these things being submerged in a tub and blasted with a shower and the towels come out perfectly dry.

Bought the badger and torrent last time they were up. Haven’t had a change to use the badger but the torrents have been great. Kept everything dry and easy to see

I bought the Carbon Point and the El Capitan last time they were on woot.

The Carbon Point I have used as a day bag for hiking, stuffing a sweatshirt, rain coat, and picnic stuff. It is light and comfortable, even though no hip strap. I really like that it is neon green on the inside because it makes it easier to find stuff inside.

I have yet to use the El Capitan. I purchased it hoping that it would be a good 1-2 night backpacking bag. I’ve stuffed it full with random things just to see what it felt like on my back and was pleased with how comfortable it was despite just having a plastic sheet as an “internal frame”. I’m about 5’6’’ 145# for reference.

Anyone else get a low country bag with a defective shoulder strap? Mine only came with a clip on one end.

Oh man, that stinks. If you haven’t, please reach out to Yukon for assistance. They can review your available options.

If you need more help, please use the ‘support’ tab at the top of any woot page to get in touch with Woot CS. Be sure to include your order details along with your situation.