Outdoor Wino Mix by Naked Winery (4)

Outdoor Wino Mix by Naked Winery BPA-Free Plastic Bottle 4-Pack
$42.99 (Normally $60.00) 28% off List Price
1 Outdoor Vino Picnic Tablepink
1 Outdoor Vino Wanderlust White
2 Outdoor Vino Rambling Red
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My wife and I have loved other naked wines, this is an auto buy for me. But I’m naked right now…

yep, gotta love it, we have had it “outdoors” a few time, fun to be had by all…

Disappointing woot
off so far. I’ll keep watching.

Please let there be something worthy soon, so I can utilize my remaining two hours of free shipping.

Not that this isn’t however.

We tried these wines back in June, and they were surprisingly good. Very good for areas where glass is not allowed (around pools, Jacuzzi’s, etc.) as well as if you go camping.

Not going to be around any pools, or camping for that matter, but if I was, I would be in for 1 or 2 sets. Or if the lockers weren’t bursting at the seams.

These are by no means long-term, hold wines, but more drink now. Perfect for this hot summer. Plus since the bottles are plastic, you don’t get tired lifting them!!

Chocolate, caramel and pecans would be nice. They could even hold shipment on them and I would be happy.

It has been a fairly Syrah-free day so far. I like variety…I just like Syrah more.

+1 on that, but it would require the hold!

Was this at the WCC event up north?
We need rats for offerings like these. But I sound like a broken record (vinyl) for those that can remember.

Isn’t it “Outdoor Vino”? Or am I missing something?

Yes, we had the Wanderlust White (Good Plus) and the Picnic Table Pink (Good) then.

The wine is labeled that, but if you check the winery’s website, that’s the section they sell it as. Like Scott’s InZinerator is under his SuperHero line.

As noted by Mark, these are all solid wines perfect for picnicking. Nothing fancy but you won’t be gagging down some $5 swill. Recommended in context.

I enjoyed the white quite a bit the other night. Haven’t tried the rest yet.

Someone PLEASE buy the last one (I’m guessing, it’s been at 6% for a while.) I’d like to see one more offer before going to sleep :wink:

I’m officially bummed that I didn’t get to take advantage of my unlocked free shipping today. At least I’ve got a load of wine diapers headed my way :slight_smile: