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The model laying on the pillows looks like Andrea from The Walking Dead. BRAINS.

OK. A self-inflating mat, i.e. foam. That’s not quite the same as an actual air-mattress, but at least it’s not going to pop.

Two questions though: How hard is it to “deflate” (flatten as you roll), and how bad does it smell (because polystyrene, polyurethane… they tend to smell like moth balls and gasoline).

Can you please tell me what the loft is on the packable down travel blanket? Thanks!

It takes around few minutes to roll it up to the size of a sleeping bag (but probably a little wider). You open the valve, sit on it so the air escapes, and continue rolling and repeat till it fits in whatever bag it comes with. (My experience with other self inflating pads - i’m assuming they’re similar).

I’ll make the same assumption then and say that I have two in my garage that never inflated properly. They were also closeouts (from another store, pre-Woot), so I think they may have spent years rolled up in their boxes. I guess in that time the foam lost its elasticity? Even if I actually blow them up, the foam never expands and tries to roll itself up. Maybe that’s why they were on closeout and these are not like that, but I’d think twice about these, anyway.

The young woman in the photo appears to be grimacing more than smiling. I guess that air mattress is not all that comfortable?

exactly what i was thinking.


i was happy to see her go

I was more thinking it looked like Katee Sackhoff from BSG, Longmire and Riddick. She did cut off her hair lately, and she has legs that don’t quit.

Yukon Outfitters Trekking Pole Set. Just picked up a set of these trekking poles from the last sale. I was a little worried at first but once they came in they were actually pretty high quality for $14.99. They are not as nice as Leki poles and frankly they will never compare, but for a cheap set of trekking poles they are pretty decent. The internal parts are combination plastic, rubber and metal as opposed to all plastic and a metal spring like on most cheaper poles. The spring function is exceptionally smooth and has decent travel up and down without too much springiness. The poles have an option for using the spring or clicking over to a fixed pole function. The spring switching is set in such a fashion that when you tighten the pole it clicks over to the the spring function when the adjustment is tight enough so you don’t accidentally over tighten the pole. I’ve put some weight on the poles when testing them and they seem to hold pretty well. I know that using the baskets will not be a big issue in Southern California as we get little to no snow and the snow we do get we have to go to the mountains to see, but the baskets are quite nice and have to be screwed on quite a ways to be secured. If you do choose to use them and you accidentally step on one as you are walking you will not likely break the basket off as with other cheaper models. Carbide tips, enough said. The straps are exceptionally comfortable and seem to be of high quality. I also want to go on record to say that the factory stock photo of the person’s hand in the strap is in fact incorrect and I can say that there is a method to put your hand in the strap from the bottom for using the straps in the proper position. I only have one gripe about these trekking poles; that the handle isn’t a bit bigger just in case I want to re-position my hand to a lower position in a pinch. But honestly at this price point and quality level it’s a pretty small gripe. One other note about the cork handles; they shockingly feel like cork; I know its crazy to say but they feel like the way they should. I just purchased a couple more sets as I am sure these poles will fail at some point but for $14.99 a set, having a couple of backups for parts and/or replacement will make this investment last for a very long time. Hope this review helped.

Nice review! Thanks for taking the time to write it. I’ve seen these poles listed quite a few times and always wondered about their quality. I sometimes hike with friends who don’t have their own poles, so these might be nice to have on hand for them.

What else do you have to purchase to make the hammock usable? It looks more comfortable than the last few I’ve seen here. Anyone tried this?

Since I just came inside from lying in this very hammock in my back yard, I suppose I should comment. I like this hammock a lot – it replaced a previous Woot hammock, and this one is more roomy and more comfortable.

I use a large hammock stand that was a (somewhat pricey) purchase from A MAjor ZONe online somewhere. :wink: You could try tying it between two fortunately-positioned trees or poles, though it might be tricky to get the height and distance just right.

I use my battery powered inflator to pump a little air in to our two self inflating mattresses. Not too much, but enough to provide a little more cushion.

Is it just me or is there a creepy stalkerish quality to that photo??

Its like someone was hiding in the woods/forest to take that photo ala Jason Voorhees.