Outdoors Supplies

What colors are the outdoor tableware? Purple or orange?

Triangular? The picture shows 5 sides, not three. For $9.99 how many sides do I actually get with this particular fishing net, woot? Three or five? This aspect of fishing net selection is very important!!

Why would you even possibly think purple? Did you try looking at the picture/ description?

I think it’s safe to say that they will be ORANGE

Well, that fruit in the middle might just be a plum! It’s the same color as that fruit. But do you KNOW it’s an Orange? Do you? It could be a plum, and where would you be then? It might be a watermelon too, then they would be green. Probably very big too.


Wow, calm yourself. you ever consider maybe they are color blind?

Any input or reviews on the boots? Im interested in the high top 200g thinsulate ghostlakes.

Really need some help in understanding the Outdoor Products Ultimate Compressor Sack 2-Pack.

Video, uses, how the opening stays water tight, and what that little black nozzle looking thing is for.

Anybody know anything about the boots? Seems too cheap to jump at…

I got a pair the last time it was offered. Its really just a dry bag.

You put your stuff in it, close the top flap and roll it down a few times and clip it. When you’re rolling the top down it traps a bunch of air in the bag so you open the little black nozzle to let the air out, then close the nozzle.

It just lets you get the air out. It doesn’t really keep the contents compressed like a vacuum seal does. I would just say its a dry bag instead of a compression sack. Im happy with it for the price, it hold more than I expected but the opening is a bit small. The whole bag folds up to be small enough to fit in your pocket.

I Bought them in size 12, you cant beat the price, I love them :slight_smile:

are ya sure that its not yellow ?
with them putting a banana in the picture it must be yellow !

Check the reviews on amazon.

Does not look to promising. I was going to bite myself, but I’ll pass.

I was considering the rubber Columbia boots until I read the horrible reviews at Amazon. They seem to have horrible cracking issues at the flex points and start leaking after only a few months. I’ll pass.

Actually I got two sets that were orange and two sets that were blue. Personally I find the blue better looking.