Outdoors Supplies

I got the tablet/netbook bag in blue on a previous Woot! offering and absolutely love it. It is very well made and fits my Asus tablet with keyboard along with the charger and has room in the front pocket for random other things. I like that the strap is configured so one can carry it either way; from the narrow side or the wide side. Best ten bucks I ever spent on Woot!

If you buy the camouflage first aid kit, DO NOT SET IT DOWN ON THE GROUND or you’ll bleed out trying to find it later after the grizzlies attack.

The mattress says ‘lightweight’ but doesn’t get specific…

The product page on Amazon shows 5lbs 8oz. Hope that helps!

Grand Trunk down blanket packs down to 5" x 13" x ?? Or is it some ultra new magic tech that actually packs down to 2-D?

Packs down to a cylinder 5 inches in diameter 13 inches tall.

See the stuff sack in the third photo.