Outdoorsman Pack

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Outdoorsman Pack
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, May 21 to Friday, May 22) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about CRKT and learn all about the EAT’N tool

Comments from a previous offer

What is restricting this from being shipped to my NYS zip code? Is there any way to offer this deal without the offending item (I’m guessing it’s the knife - I’d say replace it with chopsticks but then the state would probably worry we’d poke someone’s eye out).

Wait, you’re telling me this doesn’t even come with a LifeStraw!? We’ll never survive anything with this!

Its got something pointy in it, therefore no NYS shipping… even though there is no law prohibiting such things… I mean hell I can walk into any hardware store by me and buy a bona-fide spring loaded, button activated switchblade, but woot won’t ship a folding CRKT or Kershaw to NY because they are scared of NYC.

Got anything for the “Outdoorswoman”?

I forgot Mother’s Day :frowning:

The list price of $85 is a myth, as far as I can tell. I can’t find it for more than $30 anywhere on Google.

I guess they’re taking the list price of individual items from the CRKT webpage. The knife itself is listed for $50 there.

Also, that wire saw will break within 2-3 uses as it get heated up from the friction of use and the metal becomes more brittle.

This stuff is good for showing off in a walk in the county park, but completely inadequate to help save your life in a real situation.

Not sure why people give Woot crap about not being able to ship to NYS. It’s a NYS problem, not a woot problem. Don’t like it, call your state rep!

According to poster above, there’s no law prohibiting it… What is he supposed to call his state Rep about?

I don’t think the saw is really meant to last, it’s more for emergency purposes as you have to unravel/trash the belt just to get to it.

So, he htinks Woot (Amazon) is limiting their own sales just because they hate NYS?

I’m guessing woot has reasonable knowledge about what they can ship and where they can ship it to. Why else would they deny willingly give up sales…

And a 30 second internet search tells us that NYS laws are confusing and contradicting and put companies at risk if they do ship, which is why most will not.

You said he should call state rep… The question was; what is he supposed to call his state Rep about?

It’s well known that some vendors choose not to ship to restrictive states - even when it’s technically legal… That’s nothing a call to your state rep will fix.

I disagree. Granted this certainly is not top of the line stuff that will last a lifetime in the bush. However, you should be able to survive for a while with this kit. You have a compass, fire starter, saw and knife as well as about 9 feet of paracord. If you know anything you could build a shelter, a snare and fire with just what is in this kit. Granted, the saw isn’t much and wouldn’t last long. But long enough to save your life if necessary. Also enough to snare a squirrel or 2.This might be something to be left in a car or camping pack.

The orange spork did it for me, I had to order one.